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Branding, to those promoting their brandmeister wares, can make pixie dust out of a pig’s ear; it can transform a wheelbarrow of manure into a jasmine-scented luxury ride, a leather thong into a fur bikini. Branding adds value, they say, to the hidden essence waiting to be released, encapsulating and highlighting the veritable “uniqueness” of the goods and products, separating them from their crass, generic, archetypal forms. Not a smoke, but a Marlboro; not a purse, but a Vitton; not a burger, but a Big Mac.  But how true is this? Are not the known brands of the world the result rather than the process of “claiming” a branded image? It’s easy to “brand” something that only the rich can afford because the currency of the difference is simple enough; and the food experience is not complicated to brand.

But what about this business of “branding yourself,” and how are you supposed to do this since you are limited to just one version of you? Aren’t each and every one of us on this planet essentially a unique brand (of humankind)? I’m like Mark Hovin ( in that when a branded and an unbranded CFO or marketing manager of whatever are compared side-by-side, where is the difference? Is one wearing a silly hat? Is the other one wearing no pants? What do they have to distinguish themselves from one another than (1) physical appearance, (2) psychological make-up, (3) character at work (public persona) and (4) experience in the real world (results, know how, common sense, drive).

One man says “my kids play soccer” and the other says “I raise dairy goats.” Which one is branded?

One woman says “I feel hurt when we miss our goals” and the other says “my work is never done.” Which one is branded?

I’ll be honest: the only place I see where a job seeking person can incorporate any of this branding business into their personal path is by creating a distinctive and provacative bioblog–relying on a powerful image for the subliminal message–and embellishing their “work experience + education” with a good sense of their creative character.


Written by 1stbioblogger

October 28, 2007 at 9:01 pm

Posted in resumes

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