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Resume Character Questions

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What kind of person are you, character-wise? Do you know? What kind of job do you want? What kind of job will you settle for? How well do your character traits line up with that job or that company’s culture? Do you know who you are and who you are becoming well enough to foresee how good a fit you will be with the company? What are you going to do to get their initial 2 seconds of attention? What is the bait you plan to use to make them notice you in their stack of stuff? What magic words in the English language are you going to employ to make your character more appealing, to stand out as a face in the crowd? What particular action verbs and keywords are in your personal arsenal to slay the beast of blandness? How can you write a job description or experience history or workplace chronology that pretends to tell even half the real story, the one that you know is (or was) played out in the dynamics of character interactions, with other workers at many levels? If you learn that a company is seeking a “resourceful coordinator” how do you demonstrate that you possess and exhibit those traits naturally–even though you’ve never had a chance to demonstrate, prove or document them in one of your (good or lousy) jobs due to the nature of the managers or organizational structure? How do you lead a stranger to interpolate your present and past experience into an accurate picture of who you will be a year from now? How do you bait the hook to get them to consider investing in you and your/their mutual future?


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February 17, 2008 at 3:51 pm

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