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I am among the more than a few who have noticed the “tribal nature” of the workplace, and my particular spin on it is that not only to “employers hire personality more than skills,” but that it is a process that is based on tribal instincts inasmuch as they (the hiring chieftans) can get away with. Thus, a resume is more of an initial “same belong” signal (of likeness, therefore safeness) to the other fella / woman holding a weapon (the fistful of dollars and promise of esteem on the one hand, the determination to help the other win on the other hand).

What a resume in the format of a bioblog should say is, I’m like you, Same Belong.

Then you can chat about how the differences are worth a dollar or two more.


Written by 1stbioblogger

May 11, 2008 at 6:55 pm

Posted in resumes

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