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You are afraid to “think out of the box” because of the “times.”

You believe it is time to be “conservative” and “traditional” in your job search.

You think that you will scare off an employer’s interest in you by “being different.”

You hope that being “like others” in your “qualifications” will keep “them” from weeding you out early on.

You want them to think that you are “like them” but “different” because you are “better.”

But you don’t really believe it; otherwise, you would highlight your unique, individual, future-worthy character rather than throw a plate full of resume slop on their desk and cross your fingers and hope that they will somehow “know” that you are not just an acceptably “normally productive” employee-candidate but one who offers “potential” as well.

And what is “potential”? Well, you can probably guess that it’s not the past; it’s not “Experience” or “Professional Experience” or “Work Experience” or “Employment” or “Business Experience.” Whatever it is, you have to admit, it is more attached and intertwined with your “unknowns directed forward” than the “historical details of where you’ve been,” which means you may or may not have been “successful” (or a “failure”) in your “Record of Employment” due not to your own particular character or personal creative drive but solely to the circumstances of the company, organization, economy or industry. In other words, whatever “happened to you” may have little to do with you and a lot to do with circumstances beyond your control. So how do you sell that? The truth?

Here’s how: You sell the potential of the person who was there through it all, acting as well as observing, preparing for his or her future . . . developing potential . . . which is what your next employer, whoever it is, will be betting a paycheck on no matter what you’ve done or haven’t done, what you achieved or didn’t (and why.

Think about it: If you were hiring and it was your money (and your ONLY MONEY), Would you hire someone based on what happened to them at  Company X in year X or on what they seem to have figured out their potential value is?

Think about it: Would you put your hard-earned, hard-to-come-by money on a complete stranger who only wants another employer to take on their needs (financial, health, social acceptance) based upon a “past record”?

Resumes are history.

Bioblogs are the future. That’s why they use graphics. The future can’t be spelled out in words. It’s formative, protean and depends on the characters creating it.

Oh yes, by the way, the future is made by individuals with force and drive; it doesn’t just happen like the “past” did.

Think about it.


Written by 1stbioblogger

May 3, 2009 at 3:04 pm

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