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Pasha Stocking of East Hampton, Connecticut understands bioblogs; she just doesn’t know it. She’s probably never even heard of a bioblog, like most folks who believe (or sell) traditional resumes still have some impact and value, although it should be more obvious now than ever during this Recession/Depression/Downturn-whatever (global disaster) that when 10,000 applicants show up for 50 jobs, the numbers alone should tell you look-alike resumes are an absolute waste of time for everyone involved. If you think typed/printed words on paper will work to get you noticed then you are hopelessly misinformed, uninformed or just plain lazy and ignorant. Go get a job pushing a broom, which a resume might land you.

Pasha figured out she needed to stand out to get her 2 seconds of attention above the crowd, so she plastered her face and name with “HIRE ME!” on a billboard along I-95 in Bridgeport. Her words: “Unemployed & Seeking Employment.” That’s all she needs. I’m willing to bet $100 she’ll have a job in a week or less. Creative motivation and gutsy self-determination are highly valued traits in a person’s character these days when employers look for talent; they can always add the details through specific training once they have the right kind of talent to work with.

Pasha’s billboard is a big, big bioblog, but a bioblog nonetheless.

She got more than her 2 seconds. She ended up in the Wall Street Journal and other media as well. All she wants is a chance to talk, to land an interview, to show her stuff. Is that too much to ask? Yes, it is if you are asking it of a traditional resume of words, sentences, paragraph blocks under weighty headings of “Experience” and “Education” and “Objective.” I mean, who in this day and age of unemployment lines doesn’t have a similar story of experience, education, objective? How in the world is anyone going to make theirs seem different and still use the limited workplace vocabulary of the English language?

Pasha is a trailblazer (and I haven’t even looked at her website yet, who is bound to be a go-getter no matter what she does. I’d hire her if I were looking for someone with unlimited potential (sight unseen too). Her billboard bioblog speaks volumes about her tenacity and good old American-style “sticking to it” even in hard times.


Written by 1stbioblogger

April 12, 2009 at 3:36 pm

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