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The first thing a stranger sees should reflect your character. What is the image you want to get across before they blink and move on?

As Roger Ailes said (before he became famous for his branding of the Fox Network), what you are is the message you give (to those who perceive your public persona). Bioblogs not only imply that you are up to the job, but make it patently clear that you know what the job is. In the olden times, when people used snail mail and traditional resumes to do they job-hopping talking for them, they relied on weighty contraptions like “job objective” and “employment history” to provide the important information . . . and they only hoped and crossed their fingers that a prospective employer would actually be able to figure out what it all meant, from the perspective of their past, although hardly expecting to be interpreted in the light of a company’s current situation and predictable problems in the future. And personnel directors would look at the “hobbies and interests” section to try to find out just what kind of character the person was, by judging them on tennis, chess, or cooking. What a hoot. How well does that work these days? Not too great, you think? That’s why bioblogs are needed, just for being something new if nothing else.bioblog-uk.jpg


Written by 1stbioblogger

November 12, 2007 at 5:41 pm

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